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(30 months to 6 years)


The Casa program is a three year program. It is in the child's best interest and the classrooms best interest as a whole that every child complete the full three years. We expect parents who enroll their child in the Casa program to commit to the three years (pre-school, JK and SK).

Practical Life:

The classroom is equipped with child-size materials that enable children to safely explore and practice the skills required for everyday living and learning. Daily practice will help the child to successfully adapt to his or her surroundings and foster independence. Some of these activities include: hand washing, independently dressing oneself, how to clean up after one's self and grace and courtesy. These exercises have a purpose as well as a definite beginning and a definite end. Working on an activity from beginning to end empowers the child as they may see proof of their accomplishments. Their ability to concentrate strengthens and improves as the Practical Life activities become more complex.


Young children acquire knowledge through their senses. Doctor Montessori developed numerous unique and attractive materials to help develop and refine the five senses of the growing child. These materials provide the child with concrete hands on learning and aid the child to acquire new information via the senses. Materials found in Sensorial often isolate one specific value such as "length" in new and exciting ways for the child to explore and discover.


A Montessori classroom offers an enriched environment for the child to naturally expand and explore language acquisition. Early sound games and specially designed materials lead to phonetic awareness and understanding which lays the foundation for reading, writing and story telling. Children are constantly encouraged to "use their words".


Active involvement with Montessori materials makes learning mathematical concepts fun A unique feature of Montessori math materials is that they are physical representations of abstract concepts so that the child gets to experience these concepts both sensorially and intellectually. There is no stronger basis for a clear mathematical mind.


Keeping with our Canadian tradition of a bilingual culture, we have a French teacher who spends 2 hours a day in both of our Casa classrooms. The teacher engages the children with vocabulary and songs so they might gain a foundation of French comprehension and appreciation. 


Children are eager to learn about the world. Through story telling, celebration and use of Montessori Materials the child discovers his or her relation to others in the human race. Beautiful globes and puzzle maps help the child gain awareness of geography and world inter-connectivity. Children take pride in finding their special place with in our world.

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