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Parent Testimonials

We've wanted to put our son at Annex Montessori long before he was born. We loved the family feel and the coziness of the space. They accommodated a lot of our and our son's needs and are always super rapid with their feedback and replies. Our son's teachers are very kind teachers who treat him as if he is their own son. If you live in the Annex then this is your go-to Montessori school.

Wajdi G and Rosy A K

Because it’s a smaller school, there is such a sense of community here and I will be very sad when my daughters have to leave. I adore their teachers. They consistently select teachers that have a genuine love of children and are passionate about teaching. It’s so comforting to know that my children are spending their day with teachers that truly enjoy them and care about them. And it shows! My children are so happy here and learning so much! 

Jackie W

We are so glad that we have found Annex Montessori for our daughter (2 years 4 months old). We were somewhat worried as our daughter had a pretty difficult time with drop offs at a previous daycare. All of the teachers and staff at Annex Montessori are so kind and patient with the children (and parents). Our daughter loves going to school at Annex Montessori. Since starting she has picked up so many more words and is always singing little songs at home. She talks regularly about her teachers and the other kids in her class. The teachers are so dedicated to the development of the kids in their care. Our daughter hates brushing her teeth at home, when I mentioned this to her teacher, she created a plan to work with our daughter at school about brushing teeth and even incorporated reading stories about teeth brushing during circle time. Annex Montessori really sees each kid as unique individual that are bright and capable. We can't think of a better place for our daughter to be.

Carly E and Nate M

Wonderful school for our two children. We couldn't have asked for a more welcoming and joy filled environment. The staff are all wonderful, including ownership. We feel like our concerns and needs are addressed immediately and with sincere care. Thank you.

Peter W

Our girls are truly their best selves at Annex Montessori – confident, curious, and joyful. They are excited to go to school every day and can’t wait to share what they’ve learned when they get home. We are so grateful that their first school experience has been so positive and owe that to the wonderful teachers and administration who nurture their growth and development

Tara and Tristan A

Annex Montessori is run with a lot of love. I know the staff put heart and soul into their work. They are very reasonable, flexible and fun! That's what makes this place unique to me: the incredible staff.

Lori S

Both of our girls have had the privilege of attending Annex Montessori and we are so grateful to the school and staff for the palpable warmth and kindness they show each and every student. Annex Montessori allowed for their first experience of school to be immensely positive, laying the foundations for a love of learning and openness to new experience. We have been amazed by the practical skills and knowledge that our children have acquired through their Montessori years and are so grateful for their time in such a special place. 

Samantha F and Loren A

My son has grown and matured so much during his three years in the Casa program at Annex Montessori. He is a shy, sensitive soul, but his teachers have really helped him gain confidence in his own abilities so that he takes pride in his work and is excited to share his learning with his friends. His younger brother is now in the Toddler room, and I can already see the benefits that the Montessori environment provides even at such a young age. In addition to the curriculum, I love how the staff at Annex Montessori really seem to care about all of the students as well as the close community feel amongst the parents. Thank you, Annex Montessori, for being a safe and nurturing place for my children to grow even during the ups and downs of the pandemic.

Andrea K and Felice B

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