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Why choose a Montessori start for your child?


Both parents and researchers would agree that the first six years of your child's life are the most important in his/her development. A Montessori education will provide an environment which is designed to meet the changing needs of your child in his or her early years.

  • Purposeful activity

  • Peaceful environment

  • Educators trained to observe your child's progress and to guide his/her interests

  • One-on-one lessons respond to each child individually

  • Carefully considered materials designed to compliment your child's intellectual curiosity

  • Auto-didactic (self-learning) materials with built-in control of error allow independent evaluation and self-mastery

  • Gradated materials allow each child to revisit familiar materials with greater capability

  • Freedom of movement allows spontaneous learning

  • Freedom of choice builds character and lifelong love of learning

  • Mixed age grouping allows the child different perspective, participation and experience

  • Educates the whole child: MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT


Doctor Montessori (1870-1952)

Doctor Maria Montessori was born in Caravelle, Italy. Against many odds and with great personal sacrifices she became the first female physician in Italy. However, her calling was not to be found in medicine but in education. A chance observation of a child's absorbed fascination with a small piece of coloured paper sparked her life long interest in "following the child".

Her first project was introducing current educational advances to children living in an asylum. The success of raising these children's intellectual and emotional responses encouraged her on her chosen path. She was presented with an opportunity to work with a group of children in San Lorenzo, one of Rome's most impoverished areas. With a limited budget and few resources to better these children's lives she creatively responded to their needs. She built child-sized furniture to enable their movement, attractive and interesting materials to capture their imagination. She encouraged them to take responsibility for themselves and to take ownership in their classroom by allowing them to cook and clean. Miraculously the children thrived in a spirit of pride and caring. What had been a rather wild bunch became self possessed and empathetic junior citizens with a love of learning.

People from all over the world came to see her classroom and to see for themselves these 'miraculous' children. As word spread, she was invited to lecture at home and abroad. Along with her son Mario she continued expanding her pedagogy for children of all ages. Throughout her lifetime she traveled the world, observing children and establishing teacher training centers, so that other trained Montessorians could extend her methods in a world wide movement.

Dr. Montessori firmly believed that the way to peace is through education. Her efforts to build a peaceful future for the world were twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


John McKenna

John founded Annex Montessori in April 2010.  He was the casa teacher for six years before settling into his current role of principal as the school expanded.  Originally from Montreal, he has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Concordia University.  He lived in Japan for 10 years learning the Japanese language and travelling extensively in Southeast Asia.  In Tokyo, he discovered AMI Montessori education and then moved to Toronto in 2001 to complete his AMI Primary Diploma from the FME (Foundation for Montessori Education).  He continued to gain a Masters of Education from Loyola College in Maryland.  After 8 years of teaching children in Toronto, Tokyo, and Oakland CA, he felt ready to open his own school here in Toronto. He saw that there was a need for affordable, community-based Montessori in the Annex neighbourhood. "I believe children are the future!"





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